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          medical marijuana compassionate clubs in Toronto           
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Social Collective (SoCo, est.1996) is a not-for-profit 
medical cannabis cooperative dedicated to serving and 
advocating for licensed patients . We are located in 
North York at Jane St. and Wilson Ave. Join us.




SoCoWest in Etobicoke is a private member-run medical 
marijuana /cannabis compassion service. We strive to 
help everyone despite any mental or physical ailments. 
Our goal is to provide high quality cannabis in all 
its forms (raw, eatables, processed) at lowest the 
price possible directly from the grower to the end 
The Cannalistic Centre is here to serve you in 
Scarborough, the patient with a wide-ranging medicinal 
menu and support system to help patients suffering 
from various disorders. The Cannalistic Centre is 
located in the heart of Scarborough, Ontario. Close to 
a Kennedy subway station and not far from highway 401. 
With a clean, comfortable and completely wheel-chair 
accessible (this includes our washroom) establishment, 
and on-site security we hope to provide an environment 
that is comfortable for all of our members.




We plan to open our doors to patients November 1, 2015 
but will have a soft launch sooner then that! So sign 
up as a member with our email and you will be notified 
when you will be able to come in. SoCo North is located 
in Vaughan, Ontario. We are very close to highway 400/
401/407 and not far from a major subway station. With 
a clean, friendly, comfortable establishment and 
on-site security we hope to provide an environment 
that is welcoming for all of our members.
SoCo is proud to support the Cannabis Rights Coalition 
(formally known as the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal) 
with their current legal challenge to save the right 
to grow for all sick Canadians! We will also be 
supporting the CRC through all of the future endeavors 
in an effort to help protect the rights of all who 
use cannabis to medicate. Please visit their website 
and become a member, volunteer and donate if you are