29 July.2005

B.C. marijuana store raided., "...Vancouver — Police raided a business run by the head of the B.C. Marijuana Party on Friday based on a search warrant that was requested by the U.S. government...."



27 July.2005

Pot raids draining resources, police say . "...And while they have had some success, it has come at a cost. Arrests for other drug offences have plummeted, sinking 77 per cent in the city's east end and 20 per cent in the west end because drug squad officers were reassigned to the grow-op squad, the police report says...."


LEGAL-DOPE CANDIDATE RESPONDS TO LETTER. "...I know that marijuana is widely used in the North and that it is not an indigenous plant, so someone brought it here. I don't believe marijuana is the culprit that is taking away Inuit culture. That is such a vast and complex reality and not the fault of any one thing...."

KILLER FUNGUS TOUTED TO ERADICATE STATE POT CROP. "...Florida's drug czar favors testing the fungus. State scientists fear it could run amok on crops other than marijuana....."


My name is Renee Boje and I am helping to organize a rally to raise awareness about the women on our planet who are being persecuted due to their association with cannabis, a sacred & healing herb.


Psychedelic drug, LSD-25, likely to be legalized in Russian medicine. "...A special initiative group of scientists is establishing the Russian Psychedelic Society. The new organization has a goal to legalize the use of psychoactive drugs in official medicine, the mysterious lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD-25, first and foremost. A prominent US scientist, Stanislav Grof, is expected to participate in the first congress of the new organization, which is slated to take place in November 2005. Like Sigmund Freud or Carl Yung, Grof is said to be one of the greatest revolutionaries in psychology...."


Tourist: Cannabis was medicinal. "...One American tourist brought cannabis in over the weekend under a California prescription to control anxiety and another had some to celebrate his birthday...."


Bombing suspect 'smoked cannabis at school. "...A former school pal of terror suspect Muktar Said Ibrahim today described the would-be suicide bomber as a racist troublemaker who smoked cannabis from an early age...."


Alaska Medical Marijuana Registry Continues. "....A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling does not prevent the state of Alaska from registering patients under its medical-marijuana program, the state attorney general says...."


Controlling medical pot is not such an out-of-control idea. "...The feds are in a fix. More than two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Every state ballot initiative, beginning with California's Proposition 215 in 1996, has passed, often by wide margins. Medical marijuana bills are passing in state legislatures, often with support from Republican governors and lawmakers....."


Sunny Sundridge -A Good Place to Grow "....OPP has confirmed another big drug bust which occurred last week south of North Bay. On July 19th, 2005 Project “Northern Gateway “ (a joint investigation between members of the Ontario Provincial Police OPP Drug Enforcement, North East Region OPP and North Bay Police service), assisted by members of the Almaguin Highlands OPP Crime Unit, Emergency Response Unit and the Almaguin Highlands OPP executed a Controlled Drugs and Substance Act Search Warrant at 1335 Forrest Lake Road Joly Township....."


Pot buy preceded assault on teen, cops say "....The Hopewell Township teen who was savagely beaten and left along the banks of the Ohio River last week bought $30 worth of marijuana shortly before the attack, according to search warrants obtained by Hopewell police....."


Police search for pot seedlings "....MONTREAL -- About 60 provincial police officers in the Mauricie region of Quebec participated in a major operation Wednesday to eradicate marijuana plants in the area...."



20-26 July.2005

B.C.'s reputation as pot capital solidified by discovery of secret tunnel. "...It's known as the marijuana capital of Canada, a haven for potheads, where grow-ops spring up at such a rate that police can't keep up with the multibillion-dollar industry that rivals tourism and forestry with its economic clout. It's British Columbia, where the words "This bud's for you" have nothing to do with beer. Now, B.C.'s international reputation as a mecca for marijuana has been further solidified after Canadian and American law enforcement officials discovered a secret tunnel beneath the Canada-U.S. border to smuggle - what else? - pot...."

Marijuana Bill Up In The Fall."....The controversial Marijuana Decriminalization Bill has already died twice on the Order Paper. It's up before the House Justice Committee this fall, but lobbyists say there's little support for the bill, on either side of the decriminalization debate...."


Funny "Harry Pothead" picture


GTA's crime rate lowest in Canada "...Dropped 8.6% in 2004, while rest of country fell 1% Homicides, drug offences saw large increases overall..."


Even the cops know meth is worse than marijuana. "...Earlier this month, a survey from the National Association of Counties reported that local law enforcement agencies think the federal government has its anti-drug priorities backward, putting too much emphasis on marijuana and not enough on truly lethal drugs like methamphetamine. Now a new report suggests that even the federal government's top drug cops - the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration - know something is very wrong...."


Seattle could learn from a city up north. "..."Drug czars are the most ill-informed people in government," Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell said in an interview. "John Walters is pushing against good science. He's pushing an agenda that doesn't fit in the real world. He's in denial." Campbell is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable, and veteran of the Drug Squad, who became the first Vancouver district coroner. He was named B.C. chief coroner in 1996 at a time when drug overdose deaths were skyrocketing to as many as 400 a year.


Teens buying legal psychedelic herb, police warn. "..."The drug is very common, easy to get and it's not illegal," said Constable Jason Lefebvre, a high school resource officer with Edmonton police. "So it seems natural that a lot of younger people are interested and curious about it and want to try it." YES, we sell it here, and they call this "drug" SALVIA DIVINORUM.




I'm worried about that Canadian Tire couple. "...Could it be that this couple is living off ill-gotten gains? Do they perhaps have a grow-op in the basement? Surely not. But just in case, perhaps the local electricity company should check up on their electrical consumption.

19 July.2005


World of


Kubby plans to stay in BC - marijuana and all


Drug Recognition Expert Testing, "...The Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluation is a standardized procedure for determining impairment by drugs or a drug and alcohol combination. The evaluation involves the observation of visual clues and vital signs, questioning and the provision of a bodily fluid sample for analysis....."


Asbo teen ordered to get legless. "...A Northumberland teenager has been granted every tearway's dream - an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) requiring him to get drunk and "to use threatening behavior likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public.....".

Board raps psychiatrist. Doctor's license suspended 4 months. Admits misconduct with female patients. THIS IS MY PSYCHIATRIST that I've known for 5 years, What am I supposed to do now???? This guy told me he is going on vacation.... nice vacation..... I guess I have to find another shrink... I found this in the morning Star (Toronto Star newspaper)


The Coolest Cowboy. "....Nelson, not one known to turn down a left-handed cigarette, apologizes for anyone who was deserving of credit, yet not mentioned: "Either we were too blunted to remember, or it's been lost in the smoke clouds over the years. . . ."


To The Editor, RE: The coolest cowboy. "...Like Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson is living proof that if you smoke too much marijuana, your life will be ruined so bad that may inadvertently fall into a movie career or sell millions of albums and be loved by millions of people around the world. Hopefully the government in their wisdom will never let that happen to any of us!...." Russell Barth Ottawa


Dental marijuana faces uphill fight. "...."Most other nations in the industrialized world have already discovered what the California legislature seems unwilling to admit: that one hit from a bong can do more to ease dental pain than an entire shot of novocaine," said spokesperson Davis Wilton...."


Ontario drops charges, but keeps woman's seized $435


Pot Profits Will Soon Be 'Seized'


To The Editor, RE: Pot profits will soon be 'seized'. "....Will the Hydro suppliers be charged with benefiting from a crime for providing the electricity and receiving money for it. What about the water suppliers? Should every grow store be charged for selling grow materials? Maybe we should outlaw dirt, too, since it helps plants grow. What about God? Will He be charged with aiding and abetting pot growers by providing free rain and sunshine? Russell Barth


Mellow Attitude Toward Pot Use Lingers Locally. "....The 23-year-old Millis resident is neither the stereotypical stoner nor a patient suffering from a painful illness. She works 70 hours a week, holding down a data-entry job and a waitressing job in New Bedford. She is an ambitious college graduate who plans on having a successful career and a family..."


Alison's Sativex Blog


Iran: An Unexpected Leader in Harm Reduction "....Harm reduction is spreading to the most unlikely of places. In Iran, a conservative Muslim country known for its strict policies, officials are exploring different ways of addressing skyrocketing HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C rates....."


Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us. "...DEA Head Examines Harmful Misconceptions About Pot Karen Tandy, the administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, examined the harm done to the youth of America by myths surrounding marijuana use in an article for the March 2005 issues of Police Chief Magazine. It is reprinted below with permission....." Another Propaganda piece from DEA (in the USA :-)...After all the research so far how can it be allowed that an arm of the government is blatantly going against the scientific evidence so far, which directly contradicts everything DEA says in this very article. I feel so sorry for the people living in the states right now.

10-11 July.2005


World of


Drug Czar: We don't care about problems, just numbers, "...So why is the Czar acting this way? Simple. Dealing with meth is messy and complex and it doesn't help his numbers [and actually, the ONDCP would take the wrong approach with meth if they were more involved, but that's a different post]. You see, back in the 90's the DEA and ONDCP got failing grades by the GAO for their inability to show that they were actually accomplishing anything (because, of course, they weren't). So the White House set a new goal for the ONDCP: reducing (by specific percentages) the number of illegal drug users in the United States.

Porn shop owner charged. "... A man busted for openly selling marijuana from a Maple Ridge adult entertainment store says the arrest has prompted him to run for political office...."


Up In Smoke Cafe Gets Busted Again. The lesson I learn from this incident is that you should not cooperate with the cops. By this I mean Know You Rights and keep quiet. The police will pretend to be nice and they will turn around to use all you told them to arrest you. Have Your Lawyers Telephone Numbers handy and refuse to answer all questions. Trust me the treatment you will receive will be better then IF you opened up to them. Call Your Lawyer and follow his directions.


Grow house disclosure is critical People have a right to know before buying. "...Mould, damage may be hidden in these structures...."  Speaking from a personal point of view. A properly grown pot will REMOVE MOLD from the property rather the create it. HOW YOU ASK? Mold can not hold if the grow house is properly ventilated. In fact if ventilated well the air movement will PREVENT MOLD......oh, I only own a hydro store so my point of view is of course biased.


Rage Against The Absurd. It Is Adults’ Fault That Kids Do Drugs. "....When adults lie to kids, or even exaggerate by saying that drug “A” will do all of these terrible things, we put them in grave danger. They will not believe us when we tell them about the very real dangers of other substances or activities. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say. Add to that the fact that we advertise pills, ointments, creams, syrups, and machines to treat everything from headaches and backaches, to menstrual cramps and erectile dysfunction. We advertise caffeinated drinks, sugary and fatty fast foods, in almost every communication medium, and most of the advertising is aimed right at kids. Make no mistake, they see right through this hypocrisy.  


Grow-op bylaw put to the test

8-9 July.2005


World of


Penalties for Cannabis Possession in Toronto - Old City Hall punishes potheads with community service. "....If you get caught by Toronto (Cannabis) Police with 25 grams of pot you will receive 25 hours of community service and no record. If you possess 25 grams and were smoking a joint in your car you get 35 hours community service and if you are possessing and smoking in the park you'll get 45 hours of community service...."


Medical Marijuana ID Program Halted (USA News)

The So-Called Marijuana 'Decriminalization' Bill is coming soon. "....In the spring of 2003, the law prohibiting the possession of cannabis was found by an Ontario Superior Court Judge to be "of no force and effect". This was later overturned on appeal, but in Canada, a law must be legislated back into existence, it cannot be resurrected by another court. As a result, the police are still enforcing laws that technically don't really exist any more.


'Blood dagga' starves Africa. "....shift from growing crops to cultivating cannabis is worsening Africa's food shortages.....Cannabis has become "a significant economic crop" for export in west and central Africa after the prices of agriculture products dropped on the international market.....Though hard drug abuse was on the increase in Africa, cannabis remains the drug that is most widely grown, traded and consumed on the continent, and most of it comes from southern Africa...."


Rude awakening: Mounties burst in on the wrong family

Wrong Family Busted - -- The editor : Halifax Daily News ---- Dear Sirs ----Joe Bowers and his family - having experienced a botched drug raid have become victims in the cross fire in the war on drugs. The police raided the wrong home, and if circumstance had been different, and as happens all over North America frequently , we would be reading further about his disposition in a coroners inquest. Joe Bowers could easily have ended up dead. Whether police officers killed performing prohibition work or innocent bystanders such as Joe Bowers and his family or others who are maimed and killed in faulty drug raids, this is the price you pay for prohibition. When your government refuses to regulate a market accessed by 10 to 20% of Canadian for items such a marijuana there will be deaths from prohibition cross fire. And if you are part of the Canadian minority who actually support prohibition you should not act hard done by when it happens to you, as it is a predictable result of your desired public policy.  For more information about public and police deaths in drug raids see this link Chuck Beyer --- 321-3883 10th ave --- Port Alberni BC, 250-483-3416


Dutch Cannabis Users Turn to Home Growing From Buying Retail


Worldwide marijuana trade thrives on the Internet


Sheriffs Warn of Meth Danger But Feds Target Pot


Cannabis Revival 2005. "....The 2005 Cannabis Revival sponsored by Missouri NORML will take place from noon to 10 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005, at Schifferdecker Park, Joplin. NORML is a network of citizen activists who share a common goal of ending marijuana prohibition and stopping the arrest of responsible smokers.

07 July.2005


World of


Crown drops drug charges against licensed marijuana user. 10 plants found by police while permit was in the mail Thursday, July 07, 2005 Jake Rupert The Ottawa Citizen A medical marijuana user who was charged with cultivating the drug just four days before her licence to do so arrived in the mail had the case against her stayed by the Crown yesterday. Margaret Harrington, 51, was licensed to possess the drug and had applied for a permit to grow marijuana in her Kemptville home, roughly 45 kilometres south of Ottawa. Ms. Harrington was prescribed marijuana by a doctor to help her cope with the constant pain she suffers as a result of accidents, surgeries and ailments, including fibromyalgia. She wanted to grow the drug because she said

government-supplied marijuana was of poor quality and black market prices were too high. Before her permit arrived, Ms. Harrington got to work growing 10 marijuana plants. On April 22, a police officer arrived at her door to discuss another matter and smelled the marijuana. Ms. Harrington showed the officer her licence to possess the drug and explained that her licence to grow it was coming in the mail. However, as she didn't yet have the licence, the officer applied the letter of the law, and Ms. Harrington was charged. The licence arrived four days later, allowing Ms. Harrington to legally grow her marijuana. The federal prosecution service stayed the charge yesterday after deciding that pursuing the case would not be in the public interest.


In Canada, Marijuana Grows Like, Well, a Weed - Listen to RADIO REPORT from NPR RADIO IN USA


Notice to the media - Health Canada, OTTAWA, July 6 /CNW Telbec/ - The Expert Advisory Panel on selective COX-2 inhibitor non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has submitted its final report to Health Canada. The report will be available tomorrow on the Health Canada Web site at 9:00 a.m. To access the report and for more information about the Panel, visit:  Panel Chair Dr. Andreas Laupacis will be available by teleconference to answer questions from media at 10:00 a.m. Dr. Marc Berthiaume, Director of the Marketed Pharmaceuticals Division at Health Canada, will be available by teleconference to answer questions from media at 2:00 p.m. --- Date ---- July 7, 2005 --- Time ---- Panel Chair Dr. Andreas Laupacis, 10:00 a.m. EST --- Teleconference -------------- 1 800-796-7558 --- Time ---- Dr. Marc Berthiaume, Health Canada 2:00 p.m. EST --- Teleconference -------------- 1 800-814-4859 ------- For further information: Media Inquiries: Jirina Vlk, Health Canada, (613) 957-2988; Julie Argles, Office of Dr. Laupacis, (416) 480-4780, Cell: (416) 432-8143/


For Immediate Release: June 6, 2005 Media Contact: Hilary McQuie 510.333-8554 MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT-CAREGIVER SENTENCED TO 41 MONTHS IN FEDERAL PRISON San Francisco -- Robert Schmidt, a medical marijuana dispensary operator, cultivator, patient, and researcher was sentenced today by Judge Stephen Breyer to 41 months in federal prison, and 3 years supervised probabtion. Mr Schmidt's dispensary in Sonoma County, named Genesis 1:29, was shut down by federal agents in a raid in September 2002. Today's sentencing was the first since the US Supreme Court decision on Gonzales vs Raich, in which the court decided that state-legal patients and caregivers could still be prosecuted underfederal law. Mr Schmidt pled guilty to charges of cultivation and possession of 265 kilograms of marijuana more than two years ago, but Judge Breyer postponed the sentencing until after the Raich ruling. In today's ruling, Judge Breyer invoked the Booker ruling from earlier this year, which gave judges more latitude in determining prison terms over the federal guidelines. He departed 2 points in the sentence, and then further dropped the sentence by 10 months because Robert Schmidt would be ineligible for a prison drug treatment program because there was no evidence he had a drug problem in at least the 12 months prior to sentencing. Robert Schmidt has already served 7 months of his sentence, and will commence the remainder of his sentence in a minimum-security prison on


Report from Sativex Conference - LIES, PROPAGANDA & GW PHARMACEUTICALS, "....After I pointed out to the few reporters that she was not JUST a private citizen, but the ex-Deputy Drug Czar, a representative of GW, and the failed Republican nominee for IL Senate, she told the press that rescheduling marijuana would not make it available to patients. I concurred. Then she asked me how I could say that Sativex was marijuana. I asked her if it was not marijuana, what was it? She rattled off her sound byte "If your grandmother was in pain would you give her opium?......"


People aren't informed of rights: lawyer. Canada Day police actions put scrutiny on search and seizure regulations "...On Canada Day, police stopped city buses and searched riders' backpacks looking for alcohol, in an effort to control drunkenness at the celebrations downtown. For someone walking on the street or riding on a bus, the only way police can search you against your will is if they have reasonable grounds to think you have committed or are going to commit a crime. Traffic offences or bylaw infractions are not crimes...."


Study compares local marijuana use. "...About 7 percent of Columbus residents in Franklin County reported using marijuana at least once in the past month, compared to 4.66 percent of residents in Athens, Hocking and Vinton counties.


Police Arrest Owner Of Medical Marijuana Storefronts Neighbor's Complaint Prompts Search, Arrest


Marijuana clinic wins in court. Local facility cleared to distribute pot


Pot-flavored candy removed from stores




World of


Secret report says war on hard drugs has failed, "...Researchers found that stamping down on hard drugs through the police and courts had little effect on production and found no evidence that attacking drug supply had any impact on the harm caused by heroin and crack users. The full report provides a powerful argument for legalising drugs so they are not controlled by criminals...." They come up with a report like this ever since I finished university, everybody who has half-a-brain knows this.


REVEALED: HOW DRUGS WAR FAILED, "....The profit margins for major traffickers of heroin into Britain are so high they outstrip luxury goods companies such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, according to a study that Downing Street is refusing to publish under freedom of information legislation....."  

MEDICAL MARIJUANA RULES STILL SERIOUSLY FLAWED, "....I have had the misfortune of trying the second batch of government-grown marijuana. It is absolutely the worst cannabis I have ever seen, let alone used. To charge sick and dying people $5 per gram for something already paid for by Canadian taxpayers is criminal...."


Green Team feeling blue, Tips are drying up for the Green Team, and frustrated local drug cops are at a loss to explain why....A dope dealer told the Sun yesterday that there's still a good supply of weed on the street. "Everything's stat-quo," the dealer said...."......THE WAR ON DRUGS FAILED, ...can police read newspapers?...that is the question.


China to use electric acupuncture to cure drug addicts, "....The Xuanwu Hospital in Beijing will experiment with a new therapy, electric acupuncture, to treat drug addicts around the end of this year....".....Yes I'm familiar with the Communist thinking....they just killed 150K people last year for petty crimes....I'll bet you many will accident of course....this is akin to Nazi extermination.....


MEDIA ADVISORY - LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT MARGARET HARRINGTON TO APPEAR ON MARIJUANA CULTIVATION CHARGES IN KEMPTVILLE COURT, WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH - 9AM - LOCATION:  Ontario Court of Justice - Criminal Division 15 Water St., Kemptville, Ontario Phone 613-342-5003. TIME: 9AM  For further information: Margaret Harrington: 613-258-7949 Tim Meehan, NORML Canada: 613-230-1937 Russell Barth and Christine Lowe: 613-761-6504 Eugene Williams QC, Director, Federal Prosecution Service: 613-941-8749 Valerie Lasher, Director, Health Canada Medical Marijuana Program: 613-941-2504 - Health Canada licensed Medical Marijuana patient Margaret Harrington will appear in Kemptville court tomorrow in regards to allegations that she was cultivating her own medicine. Harrington was allegedly cultivating her medicine under colour of right since she has a doctor's prescription as well as a Health Canada license to possess marijuana.  Harrington, NORML Canada Director of Communications Tim Meehan as well as National Capital Compassion Club members Russell Barth and Christine Lowe will be attending to provide moral support and comment on this failed government program, as well as allegations that contract prosecutors are pursuing and delaying court proceedings for personal financial gain.


Commercial Marijuana Research Gets Green Light


03 July.2005


World of


Keep smoking students in school "...The NZ Drug Foundation says expelling students caught smoking cannabis could do more damage than good. Drug experts say pupils who use drugs should be kept in schools. Ross Bell, the executive director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation, says expelling students caught smoking cannabis could do more damage than good. His comments have come after the School Trustees' Association met in Auckland for their annual conference, with expulsion and suspension for drug offenders on their agenda. Mr Bell says other methods of rehabilitation need to be considered to help tackle the playground drug culture. he also says parents must take a stand in the growing problem of children taking drugs...."

Cannabis for canines: happier pups? "...Dog owners with deep pockets can now buy cannabis treats for their pampered pets in the knowledge that what they are doing is not only legal but a benefit for a rural community in a remote part of Australia....." Yet again animals get better treatment then sick people, figures...


COMPASSION CLUB STOKED ABOUT POT STUDY,"....On a day-to-day basis, the Vancouver Island Compassion Club remains a quasi-legal purveyor of medical marijuana, producing and providing pot to people in pain. But these days, club founder Phillipe Lucas is spending more time studying the drug than selling it.

Lucas recently announced that Health Canada has granted unconditional approval" for a study looking at the effects of smoked cannabis and chronic pain" that will operate from the society's downtown headquarters..."


UNLIKELY ALLIES CONDEMN GROW-OP BYLAW, "...Doubt over a city plan that would curb businesses from selling marijuana grow-op gear is coming from two unlikely sources. A prominent pot activist and Vancouver's police union boss both agree the suggested bylaw won't work. B.C. Marijuana Party leader Marc Emery says stopping businesses from selling grow-op equipment will just send grow-ops further underground. Emery says more shoddy equipment will mean more risky fires, like last week's massive blaze at a Richmond warehouse. And while Vancouver Police Union president Tom Stamatakis supports city attempts to weed out grow-ops, he says it won't change criminal behaviour. "People that want to commit robberies still find a way to get firearms," Stamatakis said. The city staff report on the bylaw goes to council today...."


DEA's major raid on pot clubs targets international dealers. Agents say they intend to enforce the federal ban on medical marijuana


02 July.2005


World of


Study: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer, Stephen Sidney examined the files of 64,000 Kaiser patients and found that marijuana users didn't develop lung cancer at a higher rate or die earlier than non-users. Of five smaller studies on the question, only two -involving a total of about 300 patients- concluded that marijuana smoking causes lung cancer. Tashkin decided to settle the question by conducting a large, prospectively designed, population-based, case-controlled study. "Our major hypothesis," he told the ICRS, "was that heavy, longterm use of marijuana will increase the risk of lung and upper-airwaves cancers." 

28 June
01 July.2005


World of


Supreme Court slams door on marijuana case,.."Raymond Turmel had wanted to appeal his conviction and 18-month sentence on drug trafficking charges. Police discovered 153 mature marijuana plants, 450 smaller ones and 1,200 grams of the drug when they raided an apartment Turmel was using as a grow operation. The man from Pointe-aux-Chenes, Que., near Hull, admitted at his trial that he had produced the marijuana and intended to sell it. However, Turmel testified that he was going to sell the drug for medical purposes. He didn't present any evidence that the drugs were to be distributed to sick people, instead trying to have the marijuana trafficking statutes struck down as a constitutional violation of the rights of sick people..." (CCC) He presented the evidence that he was growing marijuana for his permanently ill wife which was refused many times by "Hellth" Canada her COMPLETE and fully signed medical marijuana application! Other actual Exemptees, one deceased Exemptee (Rev Don Appleby) and a lady with MS also testified that Ray was helping them for their medical marijuana supply.


Up in Smoke Cafe gets Raided


Dianne Bruce is Free, (CCC) Federal Exemptee Dianne Bruce has more than Canada's birthday to celebrate today. Her 9 month sentence of house arrest is over. More incredible is the fact that this is the first time since 1992 that she has not been under their thumb for cannabis related offenses. For 14 years they been arresting and terrorizing her and her kids. She kept growing her medicine and helping everyone she could along the way. She's frightened. She's been in the system so long, she's scared about adjusting to real 'freedom' again. It's maddening what they have stolen from her. But they never got her spirit, they couldn't touch her soul. I'm taking her away for the first weekend of her new life to chill at a beautiful little resort town with a nice room on the beach.


We would like to demand that the government relieve Valerie Lasher, Manger of the Office Of Cannabis Medical Access, from her duties immediately......(cont'd). Valerie Lasher Manager

Health Canada OFFICE OF CANNABIS MEDICAL ACCESS 123 Slater Street. Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 1B9. Telephone: (613) 941-2504 Fax: (613) 952-2196


Regulations Amending the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations


Medical Use of Marihuana, "Health Canada grants access to marihuana for medical use to those who are suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses. It is important to note that the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (PDF) deal exclusively with the medical use of marihuana. They do not address the issue of legalizing marihuana for general consumption. To learn more about the Regulations and any recent changes, please view the page devoted exclusively to Acts and Regulations.


Kelley, Kitty: "The Family -- the real story of the Bush dynasty," page 575; New York: Doubleday, September 2004, (CCC) "...Both George and Laura used to go down to the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to visit Laura's college roommate Jane Clark and her boyfriend, the former baseball great Sandy Koufax. Elsewhere on the island, the Bushes used to attend and enjoy heavy pot-smoking parties. This was not inconsistent with Laura's past. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1968 and had been known in her college days as a go-to-girl for dime bags of marijuana. "She not only smoked dope,: said public relations executive Robert Nash, an Austin friend of many in Laura's SMU class, "but she sold dope....."


South Dakota "Internal Possession" Drug Law Upheld, "...Dave Johnson was sitting in his Huron, SD, home minding his own business last year when local police showed up at his door with a search warrant alleging he was a marijuana trafficker. They didn't find any evidence of drug dealing or even any pot on the 50-year-old disabled former meat-cutter living on Social Security payments, but they did manage to come up with a used pipe. They arrested Johnson on paraphernalia charges, and in most states that would have been the end of it. But not in South Dakota. Dave Johnson's ordeal was just beginning. "The cops took me downtown and said if I didn't piss for them, they'd stick something in my dick and take it by force," Johnson told DRCNet. "They were going to take it forcefully -- that's what they told me. So I said okay."


Rhode Island Gov. Vetoes Medical Pot Bill,. "....Gov. Don Carcieri vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have made Rhode Island the 11th state to allow the medical use of marijuana. Legislators said they believed they have enough votes to override the governor. In his veto message, Carcieri said the bill is flawed and could encourage marijuana abuse. "This bill will increase the availability of marijuana on the streets of our state," he said. The Republican also noted medical marijuana use would remain illegal under federal statues. The bill passed 52-10 in the House and 34-2 in the Senate. An override would require votes from three-fifths of the lawmakers in each body. "The governor has shown no compassion for the people who really need it," said Rep. Thomas Slater, the bill's House sponsor.


Illegal drug trade a world force - UN, "...The UN report, issued in Stockholm, said the global drug trade generated an estimated $321.6 billion in 2003, the latest year for which figures were available. "The size of the world's illicit drug industry is thus equivalent to 0.9 percent of the world's GDP or higher than the GDP of 88 percent of the countries in the world," Carsten Hyttel, East African representative of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), told a Nairobi news conference.


IL MS Patient Applies for Canadian Prescription, Medical Marijuana Mouth Spray, Press Conference To Announce Compassionate New Drug Program Application


JUDGE AGREES TO NEW KUBBY HEARING AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- Medical marijuana advocate Steve Kubby has just learned that Judge John L. Cosgrove has ordered a hearing to be held on Monday July 25th, 2005 at 11:00 am in Dept. 10 located at 11546 B Avenue, Auburn, California ....see also JUDGE LOCKS KUBBY ATTORNEY OUT OF HEARING


Renee Boje responds to Minister Cotler's decision to surrender her to the US


Medical pot parade set for July 16 SANTA CRUZ — Members of the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana plan a July 16 march through downtown Santa Cruz — while carrying some pot plants.


Body's Own Marijuana-like Compounds Are Crucial For Stress-induced Pain Relief. Athens, Ga. -- A new study shows, for the first time, that the release of the body's own marijuana-like compounds is crucial to stress-induced analgesia -- the body's way of initially shielding pain after a serious injury.


26 June.2005


World of


Today Toronto420 webmaster is at the Toronto Pride Day Parade. Happy Pride Day!!!! I am here with the people from Cannabis As Legal Medicine (or CALM), compassionate provider of cannabis in Toronto. They have a booth at the top of Church Street a little bit north of on Charles Street, just walk on Church St. north (no driving, the streets are closed). My Yahoo webcam is broadcasting (but you need Yahoo messenger, you can find me under markxx, my Yahoo profile)


Medical marijuana rules to get revamped. New regulations designed to ease onus on physicians, patients. "...Ms. Lasher refused to characterize the number of authorized users as small, arguing there are no reliable numbers on how many Canadians are using marijuana for medical purposes. She acknowledged, however, the product is easier to come by on the black market. "Our job is to provide a compassionate framework for people if they want to access marijuana for medical purposes legally," she stressed. "This is unlike any other treatment. You can grow this stuff in the back yard. Maybe people would prefer to do that rather than go through any kind of filling out a form process......" ....Yes, that is right, the plant can be grown in your back yard, not by a pharmaceutical company...


Father listens to son admit to growing pot, "...Council had held several show cause hearings in recent months for owners of houses used as grow-ops. The owners tend to keep a low profile but on Monday council actually had someone to question. Ly Dinh Hoang appeared before them, with his son interpreting by his side. Hoang, according to his son, runs a crab business in Richmond. He is often away for months at a time on boats, and he was apparently unaware the property was being used. The son was living at the house at the time.


Pot based medicine may alter the debate. ".....The under-the-tongue spray, approved only in Canada, is one of several emerging alternatives to smoking pot for medical relief. The new pharmaceuticals, some of which may not enter the U.S. market for years, may alter the public debate about medical marijuana. "People ... who don't want to break the law" will use the spray, says Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor emeritus at Harvard University and an advocate for legalizing pot use. "They're elevating the debate on medical marijuana."...."


24 June.2005


World of


Federal Agents Arrest Medical Marijuana Doctor A week and a half after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the federal government can block doctors from prescribing marijuana for medical use, drug agents arrested a doctor from Cool. Dr. Marion Fry, 48, and her husband Dale Schafer, 50, were arrested by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Western El Dorado County Narcotics Enforcement Task Force Wednesday morning. Later in the day, the U.S. Attorney announced a federal grand jury has indicted the couple on marijuana-related charges.


SAN FRANCISCO. 19 named in medicinal pot indictment. More than 9,300 marijuana plants were seized in raids


A case for medical marijuana. The Wattenburger Group Debates the Pros & Cons. On the surface it may seem ironic that Sergeant Rusty Noe of the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department is busy on one end of town teaching techniques for spotting illegal pot gardens from government supplied helicopters while at the other end of town members of local law enforcement are participating in an open forum about the distribution of medical cannabis in Mendocino County.


The History Of Marijuana As Medicine


Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base -- Institute of Medicine.


Poor Prescription: The Costs of Imprisoning Drug Offenders in the United States. CENTER ON JUVENILE AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE PRESS RELEASE. New study finds one in four prisoners locked up for drugs Imprisonment of violent offenders doubles while drug incarcerations increase 11-fold Congressman John Conyers, Jr. announces legislation to divert non-violent drug users from prison to treatment


The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition, You'll need a Adobe PDF Reaer. This is a  PDF copy of the Study


23 June.2005


World of


Researchers in the United States have found that a cannabis like chemical produced naturally in the brain helps with pain relief.


Rude awakening: Mounties burst in on the wrong family, "... Fairview man says Mounties embarrassed and humiliated his family yesterday when they targeted the wrong apartment during the Dial-A-Dope drug raid. He also believes his home was under surveillance for months - by mistake....."




Hi Happy Girl & Friends, I'm calling in support for The Lotus ~ an organic and hemp culture shop in Newmarket who was recently raided by police and had their smoking tools and accessories seized with charges laid for their alleged violation of criminal code section 462.22. Please refer to for info. regarding the raid as well as the store of The Lotus that has been established on Main St. in Newmarket since 2001 and a shop in town to purchase organic and environmental products and a place to receive information regarding consumerisms impact on our environment. What this situation comes down to is the fact that us hemp culture creatures need to support our own kind in the face of injustice. I have written a letter to an "in government" representative as directed by The Lotus via their webpage. I am encouraging Happy Girl users to do the same. Any other comments would be appreciated. The police syndicate is moving against us as they are still pissed off about the whole 4-dead-cops-Rozko-farm-situation, even though they are the ones who screwed up. Its always easy to blame others for your own mistakes. The 462.22 section of the code was struck down in 1995 in Ontario so I am sure this is nothing but harassment. I am not sure they will even proceed with the charges but the store is still out of money because of the raid. That is why this is harassment.


Pot advocate's constitutional challenge up in smoke Durham judge rules nation's possession law is valid, "....Mr. Ivancicevic's challenge, argued in an Oshawa courtroom by marijuana advocate Edwin Pearson, called upon the judge to declare Ontario's Court of Appeal erred in reinstating the possession laws, which were declared unconstitutional in a landmark ruling in 2000. "With respect, I decline the invitation to do so," the judge said in a ruling delivered Wednesday morning...."


I'm watching you!!!, Users of marijuana, otherwise known as dopers, stoners, perverts, devil worshippers, or child molesting criminals, present a menace to society the likes of which has not been seen since Adolf Hitler and his band of barbaric followers pillaged and raped Europe....They got to be kidding, Is it not unlike describing a gay individual back in the 1920's or 1950's. This is probably a sarcastic article however morality of homosexuality was seen in just the same concepts back in the day. The moral police is out there watching your bedrooms so be careful how you interpret a moralistic law. 


18 June.2005


World of



Medical marijuana activist arrested after raid, read my comments on the statistics quoted below and tell me again, who can trust the US statistics.


Boston and Boulder tops in marijuana use, some interesting statistics about use of Cannabis in the States. It seems that these statistics are severely under reported. If you ask me, the use of cannabis in the USA is much higher but I assume most people simply lie about their own use. If I lived in the US and ANYBODY asked me if I smoke Pot, I would say NO, simply because the fascists down there would have my balls on the platter. Who would tell them the truth when you can get 25 years in Texas for simple possession.


Experience with Hepatitis C in the Canadian Prison System.


Canadian Producer of Medical Cannabis responds to documentary claiming their cannabis sucks, yet it stills sucks and no one I know wants to smoke it. The response looks like a PR letter written by a lawyer desperate to keep his contract.


...and read the truth behind the Irresponsible Lies Plant Prairie Systems is spreading, Their pot sucks based on people responses and not some statement by a lawyer. The testimony by the PPS caused the imprisonment of Lynn Wood and this is criminal.


MP launches drug test machine, tests positive ".....The efficiency of a high-tech drug-testing machine unveiled in Britain was amply proven when the government minister showing it off tested positive for cannabis. Edwina Hart, social justice minister in the semi-autonomous regional government of Wales, was found to have been in contact with the drug after having a hand swab analyzed by the Ion Track narcotics machine...." Soon we will all be accused of smoking, carrying, smuggling cannabis just because cannabis is everywhere. I know of tests out there that detect cocaine on EVERY $100 US BILL, now that is progress. We can now imprison the whole population based on a test....lovely.


GOP adviser died of overdose, I bet its a conservative who wanted all drug users to be imprisoned ...... because he was snorting himself.... this is actually pretty funny. Remember all those conservative hypocrites who claim to value the "family" and cheat on their wives at the same time?...same thing...





World of



Medical Marijuana Sub-Standard, Patients Say, "....That's because -- like Reardon -- many users say the government pot is too weak to relieve their pain. And there is also a widespread perception that the stuff may not even be safe for consumption. "What we see is a massive level of distrust with the entire program," says Philippe Lucas of Canadians for Safe Access, an advocacy group for users of medical marijuana. Distrust, says Lucas, because Ottawa chose one of the most polluted mine sites in the world for its experiment in producing medical marijuana. The site is a former mine shaft on the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting property in Flin Flon, Manitoba -- about 600 kilometres north of Winnipeg. And even though heavy metal tests have shown the pot is safe, many smokers simply don't want the stuff. Most of Canada's registered medical users buy their pot through the country's network of compassion clubs...." 


Pot refugee granted bail in B.C. "...Vancouver — A California woman who has been denied refugee status and ordered to return to the United States to face marijuana charges was granted bail on Friday as she fights her extradition. Renee Boje's case was adjourned until Sept. 30 in B.C. Supreme Court. Ms. Boje, who fled to British Columbia in 1998, lives in Vancouver with her Canadian pot-activist husband Chris Bennett and their child. She said Justice Minister Irwin Cotler had ordered her to surrender to authorities for deportation. The California charges relate to a growing operation for a medical marijuana patient. Ms. Boje said the Justice Minister rejected her position that she was the victim of political persecution and would suffer cruel and unusual punishment in the U.S. Mr. Bennett, who runs the website Pot TV, has said his wife could be jailed for a minimum 10 years because of her association with medical marijuana...."


12 June.2005


World of


N.B. judge out of touch, "Let's send Judge Murray Cain a large anchor. Somehow we have to bring him back to earth. Cain is the Saint John, N.B., judge who recently sentenced a pregnant woman named Lynn Wood, 32, to a year in jail. Her crime? Selling marijuana to an undercover officer"


US MARIJUANA PARTY, Sunday, June 12, 2005 Hinchey/Rohrbacher Vote on Tuesday, "...The federal medical marijuana laws in the US can only be changed by a Congressional vote since the Supreme Court ruled against Raich. It is IMPERATIVE if you are an American that you contact your elected officials starting right now and tell them to vote YES on Hinchey/Rohrbacher."


TOUGH POT TALK POLITICALLY WRONG, Politicians who pander to the uninformed don't represent their constituents or their country well. The worst example of late is the hysterical outcry for tougher laws against marijuana grow operators in the wake of the shooting of four RCMP officers. Politicians who are demanding the federal government withdraw proposed legislation to decriminalize marijuana or to introduce harsher jail terms aren't helping solve a problem. The actions they propose will only exacerbate clashes between police and drug traffickers. The RCMP members who were killed in Alberta last week died because a violent, disturbed man shot them. There are bad people in the world. Police deal with them all the time. Cop killer James Roszko was one of them."




NAME: Steven P MAIL: WHERE: Hamilton,  6 Months ago, I was arrested and charged with impaired driving contrary to criminal code of Canada, by a discriminatory Ontario Provincial Police Officer and recently I went to court and have been 100% vindicated on this charge.. The OPP officer confiscated my 45 grams of Marihuana that I am MMAR legally exempted to have.. legally.. Without Any evidence of Impairment he charged me, impounded my vehicle and "stole my Marihuana... that has now been conveniently lost/misplaced. I am seeking to sue the OPP officer and the crown for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution, theft of my legal marihuana etc,, This officer only arrested me and had me sit in his cruiser for 40 minutes while he figured what he could charge me with.. this was total discrimination and a violation of my human rights. Does anybody know how I can sue this OPP officer and the crown.. and if anyone knows what lawyer in Ontario, I can contact who may know what to do?? I am now financially bankrupt and do not have a penny to my name, because of this charge. Since this charge in November 2004,I've had to claimed Bankruptcy, I've Lost my 15 year relationship and lost my Home because I had to pay the lawyer out of my own pocket to defend me on this bogus charge.. and my health has somewhat declined.. all this because this bigoted officer wrongfully charged me and stole my medical Marihuana. The stress of all of this had taken a toll on my life! I seek to be repaid all my legal expenses for fighting this bogus charge.. up to $6000.00, and also because the OPP has lost my medical marihuana that I am federally MMAR exempted to have and use when he 'confiscated it as 'evidence" without any other evidence of impairments.... I was moving across the province when I was stopped for a blown Uhaul tail light.. That is why I was transporting my medical marihuana when all this crap happened. Any suggestions??


There's a method behind madness of a reefer ban, "...This is, of course, great news for the pharmaceutical industry's continuing war on this unpatentable and therefore unprofitable substance. California chemotherapy patients who control their nausea with about $2 worth of pot per day can now look forward to spending $100 or more for pills that do an inferior job. Are Big Pharma's fingerprints on the court's decision? Put it this way: Pharmaceutical corporations are among the leading contributors to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (remember that fried egg that was your brain on drugs?), although they are, apparently, like fellow drug-hating partners from the brewing, distilling and tobacco industries, somewhat oblivious to irony...."


Funny Cartoon Related to Supreme Court Decision in the USA


A REMEDY OR AN EXCUSE? Medical marijuana supporters see hope Backers say the call to legalize use by patients grows despite court decree


Cannabis from Canada Story aired: Monday, June 13, 2005, According to Forbes, Canada's marijuana exports to the United States are worth more in dollars than cattle, wheat and timber exports combined. In return, the US sends billions of dollars northward each year.


Israeli researcher develops cannabis compound that stops cancer from spreading, "A recent Israeli breakthrough adds a new twist: a 25-year old Hebrew University doctoral student has developed a derivative of the cannabis plant which has been shown to be effective in arresting cancerous growths in laboratory and animal tests. Natalya Kogan - working under the supervision of noted cannabis researcher Prof. Raphael Mechoulam of the university's School of Pharmacy, was last week awarded a Kaye Innovation Award for her work, an annual award for innovative research established in 1994 Kogan's accomplishment involved developing new compounds - known as quinonoid cannabinoids - that her research has shown to parallel in their activity a group of anti-cancer drugs, the best known of which is daunomycin...." I AM GOING TO REPEAT THIS cannabis compound that stops cancer from spreading


8 June.2005


World of


Fallout of marijuana verdict, This week's high-court ruling nudges legislators into the thick of medical-use debate.


Comments by Michele Kubby, "....This decision is just like the Dred Scott decision. (BTW, I always wondered how Dred Scott felt after hearing that the Supreme Court had declared that he was a slave and thus property to be bought and sold and made to serve. After yesterday's decision, I think a lot of us know exactly how Dred Scott felt.) This decision basically says that you are the property of the US government. The government tells you what plants you can and cannot grow in your own home. Just like the Catholic Church did during the Middle Ages by telling couples when and when you could not have sex in your own home or when you could have a party/feast! Just like the Catholic Church, this age of overzealous government intrusion will end. It will end just like it did during the Middle Ages when the people simply stopped believing that you had to have the Church tell you when you could party, have sex, or a whole host of other rules. The end will not come easily, look at the Inquisition - not very pretty. Maybe look at this whole mess like the weather, it's an inevitability. If you see a hurricane coming, you leave - right?  There is a hurricane over the U.S., decide what you wish to do, but the weather in Canada is really nice and I predict will only get better....."


Unconstitutional Cannabis, "....If this editorial board were Congress, we would enact a law allowing marijuana to be used for legitimate medical purposes, such as alleviating intense pain for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. In fact, we strongly urge Congress to pass such a law, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that "compassionate-use" laws in California and other states are invalid under the "commerce clause" of the Constitution...."


Pot search ruled illegal, Grow-op suspect's rights breached, "....Even pot-growing, drug-dealing criminals have rights and deserve to be protected from the police. That's what a judge said recently in a decision ruling city drug cops breached a man's charter rights with an illegal search and seizure of a marijuana grow operation. "We cannot give charter protection only to the virtuous," said Court of Queen's Bench Justice Joanne Veit. "Who would decide who they are in any event? It must be given to all citizens to have true meaning. By giving it to all, we protect the rights of all."...."


Grow-Op Appeals Now Possible, "....Owners of properties used to cultivate drugs will be on the hook for thousands of dollars in costs if busted by the police, but will now have the right to appeal the fees....."


Pot Clubs Concerns closer to Home, Despite High Court ruling, Local Laws are Focus, ".....Jane Weirick, who has worked with some three dozen cannabis clubs since California legalized medical marijuana nine years ago, is more concerned with what happens in San Francisco City Hall, than in the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court....."


Police arrest 30 in drug raids, "....Officers from Quebec and the United States arrested about 30 people and seized a helicopter and vehicles in raids Wednesday to bust an international marijuana trafficking ring. RCMP, Quebec provincial police and officers from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency raided homes, businesses and farms in the Eastern Townships and in an area southeast of Montreal....."


Cannabis derivatives have anti-cancer effect, "....Derivatives of the cannabis plant (hashish) have been shown by a Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ph.D. student to be effective in arresting cancerous growths in laboratory and animal tests....All of the compounds synthesized by Kogan inhibited cancer cell growth in cell culture, and one of them was found to markedly reduce the volume of tumors in animal studies The cannabinoid quinones were found to act through a rather unique pathway of cancer cell destruction -- by specific inhibition of topoisomerase II, an enzyme that participates in cell replication. Most of the known anti-cancer drugs are less selective, acting by numerous mechanisms......."


GW Pharma loses UK appeal on cannabis drug-report. "....Although Sativex is approved in Canada for the relief of neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis, UK officials said in December they wanted more evidence about its efficacy when used to relieve spasticity. This triggered the appeal by GW Pharma to the commission...."


7 June.2005


World of


Medical marijuana has legal setback in the US Supreme Court

[CCC] "...Melissa Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board, said she would not be surprised to see a cluster of new refugee claims from the United States stemming from Monday's court decision. Anderson said the ruling could also change refugee evidence proceedings because of what is called an "in-flight alternative." If there is a part of a country from which claimants are fleeing where they could escape persecution -- such as a state that allows the use of medical marijuana -- it weakens their refugee claim, Anderson said."


12 States in USA are affected by the Supreme Court ruling. This is a list of all those states and a statement from The American Medical Marijuana Association


WHITEHORSE ­ A dubious claim to fame has fallen: Yukoners are no longer the heaviest drinkers in Canada.....but they are the heaviest tokers.


Pot advocate gets no compassion from city


Playboy profiles B.C. pot smuggler. Article describes B.C. bud sent by helicopter to Washington state


News on Canadian Media Awareness Project, Spark It Up, Marijuana Candidate Apologizes To Legion , Don't Waste Resources On Weeding Out This Plant, Dragon Persecuted, Harm Reduction Is Common Sense

6 June.2005


World of




Further evidence that marijuana prohibition is a bad idea.


Targeting marijuana saps anti-drug effort, critics say


Retail Industry Should Support Legalization of Marijuana, According to RetailWire Poll


Brazilian Minister of Culture says that he smoked marijuana until the age of 50



5 June.2005


World of


Senate OKs medical use of marijuana, The bill was introduced by state Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee. It would allow those who are suffering from debilitating medical conditions to obtain prescriptions for the drug..... USA may be confused with its war on pot but it seems on many levels they are still ahead of Canada, and we call ourselves progressive...shame.

4 June.2005


World of


Cannabis may help combat cancer-causing herpes viruses


Duchess to grow cannabis, opium and cocaine, royalty has no problem growing cannabis, but not us the mortals.


Cannabis saves memory during Alzheimer's: study, ..... According to the study, THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis, inhibits the activity of cells that cause damage to neurons in the brain......, I have always been intuitively saying this, but now I have proof.


Truth about cannabis


Senate takes up medical marijuana legislation


Legalizing Marijuana Potential Disaster for Alaska Drivers, but legal alcohol is not a problem?. Is this an actual reason for keeping it illegal

2-3 June.2005


World of



Guilty Mountie Made Pot Deals From Cruiser

Jail guard can keep his job. Appeal Court orders man reinstated despite pot bust but we put pregnant women in jail... read the Lynn Wood story



Health Canada sent this letter to all MMAR licensees who don't consent to disclose their personal info to the police.


'Cannabis' may help mentally ill. Chemicals found in cannabis could be used to relieve symptoms of severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, researchers have claimed.



Marijuana Party Reacts to Jailing of Lynn Wood


Expecting mother can't keep baby in jail, this is what it comes down to, arresting expecting mothers, yet not one single person was harmed by her, SHAME


Milton Friedman, 500+ Economists Call for Marijuana Regulation Debate; New Report Projects $10-14 Billion Annual Savings and Revenues, for those who do not know, Milton Friedman is a renowned and almost legendary economics, I learned about him in business school. He is almost the principal creator of modern economy.



31 May.2005


World of


Medical marijuana, in New York? Yes., Talk show host tokes up for MS,


Medical Marijuana in New York? No

read the responses after this article and see why I resent the anti-drug crusaders.

30 May.2005


World of


Drug Czar Challenged,

"...Dr. Barthwell earned a considerable amount of taxpayer money as

deputy director of the Organization for National Drug Control

Policy, railing against exactly the same drug. Now, instead of claiming that marijuana has absolutely no medicinal properties, she now states that only Sativex has medicinal properties, and the "crude drug" does not...."  there is a name for people like that ...but I do not want to say it here...

28 May.2005


World of



SATURDAY JUNE 11, 1pm. see details

Cops not guilty over fake cannabis bust,

27 May.2005


World of




Canada Health Authorities Okay Cannabis-Based MS Therapy


British court rejects legalizing marijuana for pain control,


Tasha the Doberman back to gopher-chasing ways after swig of cannabis oil, Now dogs can get pain relief but not people. What a wonderful law we have where animals get better doctor care the humans.


Smelter in Flin Flon, Man., is spewing out more lead and mercury air pollution than any facility in North America, this is the place where they want to grow cannabis as medicine for Canadian patients. This is just proof that the people involved in this have no clue as to what they are doing.


Flin Flon Crop Not Suitable For Trials or Patients, yes the government pot sucks and the government agrees, yeah, finally me and the government agree on something :-)


Government "Medicinal" Grow-op Located in One of Canada's Most Contaminated Regions


30% of Health Canada's Medicinal Cannabis Customers are Sending Back the Government Pot



26 May.2005


World of


Combating marijuana terrorists

I was afraid of this. Everyone who is not with us is a terrorist. I think Bush is a terrorist and should be prosecuted for his crimes.


U.S. worried about drugs from Quebec

"....U.S. law enforcement officials are starting to worry about an increase in drug trafficking across the Quebec border, RCMP Staff Sgt. Gaetan Delisle said yesterday at a meeting of provincial police unions...." No No NO, don't get fooled, this is nothing but a preemptive strike to ask for more funding for the police. These people are unbelievable. I will scope the news for requests of police funding increases and post it here.....its always like that.


Highway 420 at Niagara Falls on Pot-TV


Police stop blacks, natives more than whites: report

I came from Poland where during the communist era we all had to watch out for the cops exercising their racist views. This article points out that cops in Canada are racist and they are also racist against potheads like myself. HOW LONG must we wait before they actually fix themselves (funny term, fix themselves, like they give a damn anyways)

25 May.2005


World of




Read Bayer Health Care (Canada) response on the availability of Sativex


Kerala to wipe out cannabis cultivation

I will tell you now that its impossible to eradicate pot growing in India. I spend 2 weeks in Kerala (and 6 months in the rest of India) and they have the most disgusting pot (sorry) there is in the whole of India but everyone smokes it anyways. This is just another STUPID government attempt at making USA happy, but we all know that short of Jesus coming back soon, nothing will make USA happy.


Why Australian marijuana is a big hit in Bali


Marijuana a growing problem this time of year

The problem is with the people who know nothing about life outside of their own little circle. The only way to fix the problem is to legalize cannabis.


'It mek me work harder'

It makes me angry when people talk about pot as the drug lazy people do. Throughout history, slaves (i.e. emigrants, blacks and the poor) have used cannabis as the drug which helps them work harder. I get motivated to work when I smoke-up. If you get lazy while smoking blame yourself for laziness, leave pot alone.

23 May.2005


World of


Pot-belied cops sweat it out!

"... Pot-bellied and obese policemen in Gujarat's Rajkot city are these days sweating it out in a drive to ensure a healthy police force. A strict regimen beginning with early morning exercise and diet regulation in consultation with dieticians is being followed for nearly 120 policemen, identified as overweight from a force of nearly 1,300...."

Should be mandatory for our own police force in TO.

22 May.2005


World of






























Coroner: Cocaine Caused Death....not pot

"... A man who died while in Cincinnati police custody Thursday ingested a deadly amount of cocaine just before being arrested, according  to Hamilton County Coroner, Odell Owens...." Read the report below from 21 May.2005. The media reports what the police tells them with investigation of the truth. Why do we trust police to tells us what is safe or not? Do they have a medical degrees? Do they represent science?


Hard facts about marijuana grab parents’ Attention

"......the notion that marijuana is “twice as powerful on average as it was 20 years ago” has been disproved four or five times since the marijuana crusaders began spouting this lie. Their own statistics contradict the claim. It is impossible to see how repeating US Government Reefer Madness lies promotes “Healthy Living......”


Medical Marijuana Patients, Advocates React to Bans on Dispensaries

".....Medical marijuana patients responded that they fear closing the dispensaries would drive legitimate patients to the black market, causing an increase in crime...." It pisses me off when I hear that even after a public vote (prop.215) the government still tries to prevent access to medicine. Democracy is a farce when the officials go against the wishes of the people. The people want to get high, the people voted for it, the people are right and the police and the establishment is WRONG.


Pot-smoking linked to brittle bones

Yes, you heard it first, smoking pot will cause you to fall on your ass because your bones will not be able to support you. I am not a scientist but I can tell you that those who smoke pot daily most likely ignore good nutrition ........ that is what may cause brittle bones you fucken overpaid, government funded, hack of a scientist. Next week, pot causes constipation .... tell everyone.


Peak oil and hemp

"....Blocking the way is a bigotry against this plant which can be legally grown in Canada and legally imported into the US. Our legislators are giving Canadians a free competitive advantage to grow fuel for the US. And they call this energy self sufficiency. Hemp can deliver 3 times the fuel per acre compared to corn or any other plant with no need of fertilizers or pesticides ( all made from oil )....."

Finally some sane ideas for the insane world


Transit drivers fired for pot smoking

".... bus drivers caught sharing a joint while on their way to work last weekend have now been fired...."

The truth is that a lot of our public employees smoke pot. I know because I frequently smoke with them. I know, cops, lawyers, Hydro workers, ambulance drivers, pilots (when flying!!) and army officers. The people I know are one of the best employees but are afraid that once they come out with their habit they will be fired. I smoked pot in the army when I was dealing with thousands of dollars of soldiers pay ...... and I have a perfect army record. This is nothing but prejudice and one day I hope to sue everybody who protests ...... because science is with me.


'Housewives' Star Busted for Pot Possession

Yap, celebrities smoke pot too..... noooooooo, that's a shocker to my girlfriend :-)


Football Player Cited For Pot Possession

.. and sports figures smoke pot


Construction workers at BUHS arrested for pot possession

.. and construction workers smoke pot


Sex, Pot and Sunburns - Sweeping Survey of Youth Health Behaviours Reveals Interesting Picture of Teens in Peel

... and here is a shocker ..... our kids fuck, drink and smoke pot ..... just like their adult counterparts. Yes, lets make pot even more illegal (sarcasm) so the kids ..... get even easier access to pot ..... I love contradictions.


War on drugs gone to pot

"...... Marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance. About 15 million Americans smoke it, and police make nearly 700,000 pot-related arrests each year, accounting for nearly half of all drug arrests.  The $35 billion-a-year war on drugs has turned largely into a war on marijuana, and a losing war at that. Pot isn't harmless, but shouldn't law enforcement focus more of its resources on hard drugs — cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines — that are associated with violence and devastated lives?...."

American media writing about the idiocy of the War on Drugs ......unbelievable


21 May.2005


World of


Man dies after eating marijuana

historic first!!! they do not know what killed him but OF COURSE it must be pot, are the cops getting stupid or is it just me

19 May.2005


World of




The Medical Marijuana Mission


Police owe the public a better

explanation of last week's sirens.



Anti-drugs campaign held in  

By Helena M. Mahathir & James Kon


Ganja is not entirely safe

Accordingly the Commission recommends as follows:

"...That the relevant laws be amended so that ganja be decriminalized

for the private, personal use of small quantities by adults;....."


17 May.2005


Why Make Criminals Out of Marijuana Users


Drug busts boost sales, says study

"Heed says the best long-term solution to Vancouver's

drug problem is to decriminalize drugs – and shift resources from law

enforcement to treatment for addicts." CBC News

15 May.2005


World of


Cannabis gran to speak at rally


Marijuana March for Medicine

14 May.2005


World of



Downtown Pot Rally Draws 3000

Singapore "drug trafficker" executed despite appeals


Students File Petition To Legalize Medicinal Use Of Marijuana

Bulgarians March for Marijuana Freedom


Drug Czar, Reformers Spar Over Tale of Marijuana Death

N.Y. pols 'open' to medicinal pot law


Michigan medical pot drive is under way

The War on Pot. Wrong drug, wrong war.


Crowd rallies in Flint for legalized pot

Seller wants weed back, Man charged with possession

says pot was for sick clients


Enforcing anti-pot laws wastes time, energy

13 May.2005


World of


Cannabis combats heart attack, stroke,

from The Weekend Australian by Roxanne Khamsi


Dutch cabinet divided over marihuana policy,

from GNN


Self-prescribed cannabis widely used

to treat HIV-related symptoms

"Almost a third of the HIV-positive patients attending an outpatient clinic in west London have used cannabis to alleviate symptoms associated with HIV infection or treatment, according to a cross-sectional study presented in the April edition of the ... " from aidsmap

13 May.2005



Who's your Puff Mama? Marijuana March organizers

numb down at Mama's ganja buffet. By MATT MERNAGH  

11 May.2005





in Toronto

West Hollywood Medical Cannabis Club Busted by LAPD

and IRS – City of WeHo Upset by Raid  By Ryan Gierach

11 May.2005


Toronto 2005

Join the Party, Join the Protest, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS


New Pictures added from the

2005 Toronto Global Marijuana March

pictures by Kim Yeuon Jung - Gallery 1, Benjamin - Gallery 2

Daniel - Gallery 3, Melsky - Gallery 4

May 11, 2005


World of


UCSD Researchers Studying Marijuana, Pain Relief

Illegal Drug Could One Day Be Legitimate Medicine

".In the U.S., several petitions to "reschedule" marijuana and remove it from a

specific category of restricted substances have been filed in the courts. "




Similar Views On Marijuana Arrests In Canada, U.S.

Toronto 2005

Join the Party, Join the Protest, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS


Pictures from 2005 Toronto march,

part of the Global Marijuana March

09 May 2005





in Toronto


Study: Approx 1/3 AIDS patients using

cannabis for symptom management.

J Pain Symptom Manage. 2005 Apr;29(4):358-67. Cannabis Use in HIV for Pain and Other Medical Symptoms. Woolridge E, Barton S, Samuel J, Osorio J, Dougherty A, Holdcroft A. Magill Department of Anesthesia, Imperial College London (E.W., A.H.), and HIV/GUM Services (S.B., J.S., J.O., A.D.), Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, United Kingdom.


Despite the major benefits of antiretroviral therapy on survival during HIV infection, there is an increasing need to manage symptoms and side effects during long-term drug therapy. Cannabis has been reported anecdotally as being beneficial for a number of common symptoms and complications in HIV infections, for example, poor appetite and neuropathy. This study aimed to investigate symptom management with cannabis. Following Ethics Committee approval, HIV-positive individuals attending a large clinic were recruited into an anonymous cross-sectional questionnaire study. Up to one-third (27%, 143/523) reported using cannabis for treating symptoms. Patients reported improved appetite (97%), muscle pain (94%), nausea (93%), anxiety (93%), nerve pain (90%), depression (86%), and paresthesia (85%). Many cannabis users (47%) reported associated memory deterioration. Symptom control using cannabis is widespread in HIV outpatients. A large number of patients reported that cannabis improved symptom control.

The War on Marijuana, a Libertarian View

by Tracy Ryan

Compassionate Club News

Da Weed King got Busted

Please give your support in any way you can

Marijuana ... is ... beautiful


World of


Marijuana ingredient may fight brain cancer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Marijuana-like drugs eradicated some brain cancers in rats and helped other animals live longer, according to a study published in the March issue of the journal Nature Medicine. The study dealt with gliomas, the most common category of cancer arising in the brain. Gliomas are highly lethal in people despite treatment with drugs, surgery and radiation. Scientists at the Complutense and Autonoma universities in Madrid, Spain, injected glioma cells into the brains of rats to produce tumors. Untreated rats died within 18 days. Other rats were treated with drug infusions for seven days through a tube leading to the tumor. Fifteen rats got infusions of THC, the main active component in marijuana. Tumors disappeared in three animals, and nine other rats outlived the untreated ones, surviving up to 35 days. When researchers used a different but similar drug, five of 15 rats became tumor-free and four others outlived untreated animals, the researchers said. But Dr. Philip Gutin, chief of neurosurgery at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, said other experimental therapies work better in rats. And the paper doesn't demonstrate that the effect came from the drugs rather than simply the infusion of liquid into the brain, he said. Dr. Rolf Barth, who studies brain tumors at Ohio State University, called the work interesting. But he said the type of glioma cells used to create the tumors does not provide a very good mimic of the human disease.



Join the Party, Join the Protest, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS

happened without

a hitch. The day

was beautiful

and even cops

were nice


Thank You






Downtown pot rally brings whiff of the '60s, by Tanya Talaga

Unsuspecting tourists walking through Queen's Park yesterday might have wondered if they had passed through a time machine and wound up at a U.S. college peace rally in the 1960s. Tie-dyed T-shirts, laid-back people with bongs and the heady scent of pot hung in a haze just north of where the provincial government sits. Close to 3,000 people celebrated cannabis culture as part of the sixth "Global Million Marijuana March," marked in more than 200 cities worldwide. "We want to see it legalized and decriminalized," said organizer Franklin Skanks. He believes legalizing pot would bring in more revenue via "sin taxes," boost tourism and help shut down organized marijuana grow-ops. Supervised by Toronto police, the rally went off without a hitch. No one was charged. A 30-something couple from Manhattan and their infant son watched in awe as the parade passed. "We are blown away, this could never happen in New York City," said Debbie. "We are shocked by how friendly the police are." Scarborough resident Dan Hook, 44, said he's been smoking weed for 30 years. "I have come to realize the returns of the spiritual side of smoking. Bob Marley knew it and I'm learning it," he said. Peter Young of the London Compassion Society, a medical marijuana resource facility, said his society distributes medical marijuana to doctor-approved patients. Cancer and AIDS patients use it to help manage pain and reduce nausea, he said. High-quality marijuana is expensive and available only through illegal sources due to prohibition, he said. That often puts the medicinal benefits of marijuana out of the reach of people who need it, he added.


Pot tokers on the rise

World of



Tel Avivians picnic on the grass on International Marijuana Day, By Tamara Traubman



Israel's Marijuana Day goes up in smoke

Jerusalem Police hold 7 for marking Marijuana Day






Republican lawmaker introduces bill to legalize medial marijuana


World of


Cape Town march highlights benefits of cannabis

A group of about fifty people marched in Cape Town today, joining 180 groups in cities around the world to highlight the advantageous uses of the cannabis plant. A memorandum was handed over to the city's department of housing. The memorandum claims that bricks used from the plant could be used to build fire-proof and cost- effective housing units. Andre du Plessis, spokesperson for the group, says they are aware of the anti-social stigma attached to cannabis. However, he says the objective of the march is to highlight the use of industrial cannabis and point out to the ministry of housing that there is an alternative solution to the housing problems in the Western Cape.



The Bekaa gears up for cannabis crops, Farmers rush to replant their fields

Access to



in Toronto

Cannabis & Medical Access in Toronto

Toronto Cannabis Compassionate Clubs by Mark x

Mark A. R. Kleiman

A weblog for the

reality-based community

Mark A. R. Kleiman

News on the medical-marijuana front


Join the Party, Join the Protest, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS

may 7.2005

May 5, 2005 - The Global Marijuana March promoter Frank Skanks of the Green Directory was on the John Oakley Morning Show this morning. He talked about the march, explained how complete legalization will fuel economy, boost tourism and quash the criminal elements associated with the black market. Update with Audio coming soon.

Cannabis Culture Magazine

Unwarrented search and seizure

by Reverend Damuzi, Art by Thomas Arnatt (01 May, 1999)

Three high-profile lawyers reveal how police make case-breaking mistakes.

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NOW Magazine Online Edition

And marijuana for all

Moral panic over grow ops ignores fact that more

of us puff than play hockey  by Alan Young

From the heart with all

the bitterness, hope and anger. by Mark x

How I Got Busted, by Mark x

Cannabis, Depression

and Psychosis, by Mark x

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